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About IxaMall

How IxaMall Started

IxaMall was created for a number of reasons. Feeling that auction sites are great places for buyers to get great bargains, sometimes at ridiculously low prices, we wanted to offer a place where sellers can sell their wares at a price that they feel is fair and equitable for both buyer and seller. Like auction sites, we wanted to offer a place where individual items can be easily marketed and sold with the most convenience and least expense. We have also been uncomfortable at times with the exposure of both buyer and seller to fraudulent transactions. Supply and demand conditions often change the dynamics of marketing on auction sites where prices make it uneconomical for sales which make the products unavailable to willing buyers. Auctioning at discount is always an option, but we think that it should be the last option rather than the first. For these reasons and more, IxaMall was born.

IxaMall's Design Considerations

With these concerns in mind IxaMall was designed to offer a cooperative selling and buying environment that achieves our goals of:

  1. Easy transaction processing
  2. Low cost
  3. Maximum protection
  4. Maximum market exposure
  5. Fairness and equity between buyers and sellers

We have decided to implement IxaMall as an online electronic version of the common brick and mortar community shopping mall. Patrons can envision strolling IxaMall just as they would their local physical mall. IxaMall is a meeting place, an open-air market if you will, where buyers and sellers can negotiate for products and services in a structured cooperative atmosphere. IxaMall has a wide variety of store fronts that provide buyers an opportunity to leisurely browse through seller's offerings. Store fronts are utilized as a distinction from street vendors to lend legitimacy to the marketing process. Unlike most malls, IxaMall, being a cooperative organization, allows buyers to make counter-offers to sellers. Sellers are free to negotiate further or to continue their fixed price offerings. Also unlike most malls, where face-to-face transactions are the norm, IxaMall offers buyers and sellers a no-cost escrow service, for the protection of both parties against fraud.

From the Sellers' viewpoint, IxaMall emulates a physical mall in that sellers must comply with certain rules and modes of conduct in order to do business at the mall and take advantage of the opportunities offered by a central market area with common amenities. In exchange, sellers pay the mall operators rents and other fees for the use of mall facilities. In the case of IxaMall, we attempt to keep such rents and fees at the lowest possible levels for the benefit of all participants. Like the physical mall, IxaMall offers a central place for sellers to attract shoppers who might not ordinarily visit their shop if they were located in a separate place. There is a synergy that is developed by having many shopping opportunities at a single spot.

From the buyers' viewpoint, IxaMall simulates the physical mall in that buyers are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion, in exchange for the opportunity to see what many sellers have to offer for sale on a continuously changing basis in one central location. The experience is primarily safe, interesting, and at no cost for the browser. When a shopping transaction is consummated, IxaMall offers a safe and secure vehicle for completing the transaction and protecting the buyer against a potentially fraudulent shopkeeper. Like the physical mall, prices are occasionally higher than at discount stores and auction sites; taking into consideration the additional convenience of shopping at the local mall. Buyers should keep in mind that IxaMall's sellers will often offer unique, short supply, and liquidation items that may not be available at other sites.

IxaMall's Philosophy

IxaMall has been designed as an eclectic collection of individual product and service stores. IxaMall provides vacant store fronts for lease on a regular basis. Our stores are structured for the very small entrepreneur who has limited resources and limited interest in the logistics for starting a small business.

IxaMall is a marketing venue, offering buyers and sellers a cooperative environment for the negotiation and sale of products and services. We place high regard on honesty, integrity, and fairness. We encourage all participants of IxaMall to review our rules and procedures page to fully understand how our site operates and what protections are offered.

We have tried to keep IxaMall a simple site; easy to navigate, easy to negotiate and finalize transactions. Our model is the open-air marketplace where barter and individual sales are commonly transacted, combined with the convenience and organization of today's modern mall format. IxaMall is a cooperative effort by many individuals to bring a wide variety of products and services to the largest number of potential buyers. At IxaMall, we desire a safe, secure marketplace where all participants feel comfortable with the shopping experience. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we hope that your experience at IxaMall will be a pleasant one and that you will return often to transact business.

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