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IxaMall News

We are pleased to announce the launch of the IxaMall web site. After much hard work and lots of testing, Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. has finally started what we hope to become one of the premiere shopping sites on the World Wide Web. Although currently a small operation, we eventually hope to attract enough participants in our site to warrant further enhancement and expansion. We are beginning with what we know best, our real estate site and several of our own independent services. Being somewhat new to the web as a "Site" rather than a user, we would encourage, and in fact invite, any suggestions and assistance which our clientele might offer.

As we begin, our site will be somewhat limited in scope. Those spots where links should be present but aren't, are web pages we are currently developing while doing all the other things required of us on a daily basis. We will develop those pages as quickly as possible to add more functionality for our customer's benefit. Our business plan provides for a lot of new features to our web site, but time is the critical element and we are constantly amazed at how little gets accomplished on any given day. Our focus is by necessity our core business activity of making a profit at managing our real estate business. For us, IxaMall is a new real estate venture with a different twist to our normal real estate activities. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and that you will also benefit from using our site.

To help launch IxaMall, we are prepared to offer a no-fee period for new users of our web site. If you are a potential seller who may be interested in establishing a store front at IxaMall, or if you have a few items you might be willing to sell in the near future, please send an email message to that effect. If you are a potential buyer who wants to know when new stores become available at IxaMall, please send an email message to that effect. Once we have established a timetable for further mall development, we will inform you by email of the next step in our expansion program.

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