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IxaMall Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is real simple. We want as much privacy about us as we can have consistent with being a company doing business on the web. We believe that you want the same for yourself. So any personal type information you provide to us about yourself will be kept completely confidential within our database. No one will have access to that information, except under subpoena by proper legal process. That means if you do something illegal within our web site, we will cooperate with legal authorities.

In order to sell products through our web site sellers must provide true verifiable contact information to us for our records, and buyers must provide sellers with mailing addresses for delivery of their purchases. If the parties utilize our free escrow services, then buyers are required to furnish us with contact information in the event of any problem with their purchase. Your email address will only be provided to those parties who you choose to negotiate with for the sale of a product or service. Once buyers and sellers are in contact with each other, it then becomes your responsibility to protect your privacy with the opposing party.

We carefully safeguard our own data against disclosure, and will do everything within reason to protect your data as well. When appropriate, any page with sensitive information on our web site is secured using SSL technology and is evidenced by the lock symbol on your browser and the "HTTPS" URL address prefix. We encourage you to report to us any individuals who make contact with you through our web site and attempt to secure personal information from you beyond that which would be reasonably necessary for a normal purchase transaction. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY! We pledge to do our part to safeguard your privacy while you are negotiating our web site.

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