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Our Policies

  • All tenants are screened carefully for taking care of property and paying rent on time
  • Viewing residential property is by appointment and requires name, address, phone, and drivers license # for security
  • Missed appointments will be charged a $30 fee for wasting our time
  • Rental applications are processed first-come, first-served
  • Rental applications must be completed in full; missing info will delay processing
  • Rental applications must be accompanied with a $200 deposit (Homes)/$500 deposit (Slips)
  • A link to Renting Authority will be sent via email to order credit, background, rental, and employment reports for each principal individual making application; Payment of $37 is made directly to Renting Authority for each such report which will be forwarded to us for review
  • The credit reports we receive do not contain any Social Security Numbers, for your protection
  • Each residential property has a maximum occupancy calculated by adding one to the number of bedrooms
  • Residential pets may be considered at additional expense to tenant
  • We offer a number of options to our tenants to customize their rental program
  • Accepted residential applications will be followed by a personal interview at tenant's current residence; Agreements will be endorsed following successful interviews
  • Our homes are single family residences and not group homes for unrelated individuals
  • Initial payments will be in cash, money order, or bank check
  • Our standard rental program is paperless; most transactions will be handled electronically; Optional paper based transactions are available at additional cost
  • Property damage or theft will be prosecuted when tenant's vacate
  • We reward our residential "Star Tenants" with financial incentives credited at the end of each tenancy
  • Tenants who fail to perform as promised lose financial incentives, if any, and are subject to immediate eviction, which is handled expeditiously
  • We treat our tenants with respect and expect tenants to reciprocate

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