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Who We Are

Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc.
A Property Management Corporation

Diversified Real Estate Services has been managing rental properties on both the east and west coasts since 1982. We have experienced just about everything there is regarding rentals. However, we are also constantly amazed at the variety of new things we have to deal with from properties, tenants, community standards, and new laws/regulations.

We have a unique view of the entire process of renting real estate. For the most part we have been very successful in securing only the best quality tenants for our clients because of the unusual way that we do things. First off we are fair, honest, careful, and very particular about the tenants who participate in our rental program. If you are a good quality tenant, then we will be happy to work with you. Once a tenant is selected for our properties, we will hand over total responsibility for the property to the tenant. In return we ask primarily two things from our tenants; that they take care of the property, and they pay their full rent on time. Tenants who deal with us respectfully, remain with us for many years and we reward them with a good product at a fair market price for their entire tenancy. Tenants who don't perform as promised are quickly evicted, we pursue measures of legal equity, and we report appropriate information to credit bureaus. We provide up-front notice to prospective tenants that we are cooperative, honest, fair, respectful representatives of the Owner's property, and expect our tenants to reciprocate in kind.

We do not participate in the Government's Section 8 program because quite frankly our standards are much higher than the government's and we don't want the red tape associated with dealing with any government agency. Between local municipalities, county agencies, state and federal programs, we are constantly burdened with regulations and oversight which has been geared for the least common denominator in the rental industry; that being slum lords. Our standards, on the other hand, are quite high for both the quality of the properties we manage and the character of the tenants we select. Well meaning government officials will often make problems for us, the tenants, and the owners where no problem previously existed, simply because we offer our tenants options and opportunities which are rarely afforded the typical renter. Our position is that we offer superior housing at fair prices to cooperative and respectful tenants who understand that they are entrusted with the care and maintenance of an extremely valuable asset that belongs to someone else. In exchange for the use of these properties, we expect the tenant's to return the properties in the same or better condition than they originally received the property and to compensate the owners for such use by paying their full rental payments on time. Therefore, for our purposes the least government intervention the better.

Be advised that we subscribe to the fair housing standards as promulgated by FHA/HUD whereby Federal law prohibits housing discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability. These are legally protected classes of individuals. However, everything else is fair game, meaning we can and do discriminate on any other factor that we feel is relevant to a prospective tenant's performance on their agreement with us. Most often we discriminate on the basis of perceived financial performance characteristics. Secondarily we discriminate on the basis of our perception of the prospects ability to maintain the high quality of the properties we offer tenants for rent.

Prospective tenants who successfully pass our screening process are rewarded with some of the nicest properties in the rental market. Our long term tenants like our rental program because of the way we do business with them. We offer our tenants many options and opportunities, we reward superior performance, we leave our tenants alone to live their lives with the least interference from their landlord, and we cooperate with our tenants whenever possible. On the other hand, tenants who try to take advantage of us, who fail to perform as they have promised, who create problems for the property, neighbors, or owners, who are not cooperative or respectful, or who simply don't fit in with our rental program, will be swiftly dealt with. Any tenant who thinks they will make our lives miserable, will find just the opposite the case. We are well versed in the removal of problem tenants. If your rental history is positive, then we would love to have you as one of our tenants. If your rental history is not positive, then don't bother because our background checks are quite thorough.

Daniel C. Robinson

If you need further information about our company, please email us at your convenience. See the Contact Us page for our email address.

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