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Summer Bay Resort Timeshare Rental

Summer Bay Resort Rentals

Resort Bedroom Options

3 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
1 Bedroom


     Summer Bay Resort is one of the Orlando area's most luxurious resorts. With outstanding on-site facilities and events, this award winning Gold Crown resort, offers premium bedroom layouts with many superior furnishings. The staff and management pamper your needs and do everything possible to make your stay as unbelievably enjoyable as is possible. Located just 6 miles from the Disney complex you are only minutes away from the best entertainment value in the US. With plenty of shopping facilities nearby, you can personalize your stay to be as on-site or off-site centered as you desire. Make your Florida adventure a memorable experience by starting with one of the best places to stay in Orlando. Our rates are lower than the vast majority of resort rentals which offer far less value. You can pay a lot more, and you can pay somewhat less, but our rentals give you a premium product at a much better price than you can find anywhere else. Let us prove it to you.

    Book early for your best time selection. Summer rentals are always tough to confirm due to the popularity of the resort.
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