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Property Management

Diversified Real Estate Services, Inc. has been successfully managing residential rental properties for over 30 years. We are successful, for one reason. When we first started our management program we attended an in depth professional property management seminar costing well over $1000 (back in 1980.) The seminar emphasized how to avoid common mistakes and how to protect the owner's property investment. After three intensive days of study, we designed an extensive comprehensive rental agreement, based on a seminar template, that offered tenants a wide variety of options, provided a very structured rental environment, and provided remedies to the owners for non-compliant tenants. Over the years, we have made many additions and modifications to both our program and our rental agreement based on changing conditions in the rental industry.

We are professional property managers with a limited portfolio of select properties. Our management program is closed to new clients at this time.

A prime ingredient of a successful rental program is to start with only the best valued homes in the area. All of our properties are above average in quality and features. Our principal concept is that once we turn over control of the property to our tenants, they become 100% responsible for the property and are obligated to return the property to us in as good as or better condition than when they originally received it. Since we don't secure any deposits for the condition of the property, we depend quite heavily upon the character of the prospective tenants. At least 95% of all disputes between landlords and tenants involve deposits. By eliminating most deposits we eliminate most disputes. Tenants who do not repair property damage are taken to court to secure reimbursement. It has been our experience that no amount of deposit is sufficient to protect the property from damage from an uncaring tenant.

Our residential rental agreement is currently ten pages plus in length and constantly growing. Each item in our agreement, in addition to standard rental clauses, addresses some particular issue that we have faced in the past. Furthermore, we offer our tenants many opportunities to demonstrate exceptional performance throughout their tenancy and to earn financial rewards by doing so. We have also designed a value added program to enhance tenant's enjoyment of their premises.

To landlords interested in our rental program, we offer consulting services on an hourly basis for those individuals seeking answers/suggestions to address particular rental situations or to improve rental operations. Your first discussion with us is FREE to delineate your particular problem, and your consultation time will not be chargeable until we have an understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish. Once we agree on your objective, depending upon the complexity of the response, we will offer a fixed hourly rate for the remainder of our discussion. We can review any aspect of your current rental program and can offer a number of possible directions for you to take. We will never pressure you to accept any particular solution, but will only suggest possible routes to pursue based upon our prior experience. Even after 30 years, we continue to learn about new ideas and techniques from others in the industry who are leaders in innovation. From what we have heard from our contemporaries, our rental program is one of the most progressive in the rental industry.

For further information or to arrange for a consultation to discuss your current property management needs, please send us an e-mail outlining your situation.

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